Customized pillow

We offer special rates for designers

Change your home’s style with ease

Eliminate the stress from your furniture recovering by choosing a slip cover and throw pillows! We offer special pricing for professional decorators & designers!

Customized slipcovers

Experience the ease of a slipcover change

There’s no simpler way to dramatically change the look of your furniture than to add a slipcover and throw pillows. Simply order one of our custom-made, perfectly fitted slipcovers and put it over your existing piece for a completely new look! Speak to us about trims, beads, flange, ruffles, buttons and cording!

Demand made-to-order precision and fit

When you work with us, your slipcover will be perfectly crafted to fit your piece of furniture. Trust our custom work to give your cover a seamless, fitted look, without bunching or mismatched edges. Get even ruffles, long-lasting beads and buttons, and perfect trim! Come see why custom work makes the difference.

Reimagine your furniture style today!


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